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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is colostrum free from hormones, antibiotics and pesticides?

Most producers of colostrum in the United States pool their colostrum from USDA inspected, Grade A dairy cows where strict regulations are followed. However, better brands of colostrum are also classified as organic which means that in addition to originating from Grade A cows, the colostrum is tested and passes organic standards. Colostrum from Immune-Tree exceeds even the most stringent organic standards with a zero tolerance for hormones, antibiotics and pesticides. It is completely free from harmful substances of any kind - verified by a third party laboratory analysis. Immune-Tree (ITG Inc.) is the only company that will provide this analysis - free upon request.

Q: I'm lactose-intolerant, can I still take colostrum?

A. The amount of lactose in a "first milking" colostrum is so small that it can be taken by those who have a lactose intolerance. In many cases, colostrum heals the intestinal wall thereby reducing or eliminating many food allergies - including allergic reactions to dairy products.

Q: Does it have milk in it?

A: No. It does have a tiny bit of lactose, but 99% of people who are lactose intolerant have no problem taking colostrum. In fact, studies show that people who are lactose intolerant can often begin to tolerate lactose from taking colostrum.

Q: What does colostrum taste like?

A: It has a mild nutty buttery flavor that most people find pleasant.

Q: Where does it come from?

A: It comes from Cows. When cows calve, (like human mothers,) they produce milk to feed their baby. Before milk comes out, however, colostrum comes out. This gives the baby a super immune boost and gives it a healthy entrance into life.

Bovine colostrum is considered a universal donor. In other words, every other mammal on the planet, even dolphins, can benefit from bovine colostrum. It is identical to human colostrum, except that it is more potent.

Q: Can humans really accept bovine (cow) colostrum as well as human colostrum?

A .Human colostrum, if it were available, would be ideal. However, in the absence of that option, bovine colostrum
has been compared to the universal blood type O, which can be accepted by all humans. Bovine colostrum is the one
colostrum which can be accepted by all mammals. The components of bovine colostrum have been shown to be identical to those contained in human colostrum and many times more potent. For healing and regeneration, bovine colostrum may even be better than human colostrum because of its potency. It is also good for all mammalian pets.

Q: What about colostrum from New Zealand?

Because New Zealand has such an excellent reputation for its dairy products, many have assumed that colostrum from New Zealand would be superior. New Zealand colostrum, however, is collected from as long as 24-48 hours after the birth of the calf, indicating a transitional milk. Numerous individuals have reported taking a New Zealand product but when they switched to a "first milking" colostrum they noticed almost immediate differences. Many health care practitioners have noted this same thing. After trying several brands, they noticed big differences when they found a pure colostrum.

Q: How do I store it?

A: In a cool dry place. Do not put in the refrigerator.

Q: How long can it be stored?

A: Years. It is like powdered milk. Keep it cool and dry and it can last a long time. Some clients have stored it in freezer in vacuum sealed bags (doubled) and tell me this works well.

Q: How much should I take?

A. This is an individual issue that depends on your body and your budget. Some people seem to be able to take large amounts of this, like 6 tablespoons a day, or more. Others start to feel sleepy on higher amounts, so we all have to experiment and find the amount that works for us.

Also, you budget would be a determining factor. Not everyone can afford to take huge amounts, even at these super discounted prices.

Q: Can it be taken with food?

A: For the most part, No. An exception is applesauce. The best way to take it is to just put it in the mouth and let it dissolve, or wash it down with water. It does stick to the teeth, though and some people don't like that, so you can also mix it with applesauce and take it that way. Besides this, it should be taken on an empty stomach at least a half hour before or an hour after a meal.

Q: Can I take it with my medications?

A: By medications I assume you mean pharmaceutical meds, rather than herbs or other natural supplements. The answer is yes. Colostrum is a food and does not dangerously interact with any medication, according the recent research. That being said, colostrum is a powerful immune system supporter. If a person is taking medications to destroy their immune system (such as those preparing for an organ transplant, or bone marrow transplant) then colostrum could conflict in that it will be increasing your overall health and boosting immune function. Most people don't know that doctors are give patients chemotherapy in an effort to destroy their immune system, so that when they receive their "transplant" their immune system will be so destroyed that it won't be able to reject this foreign tissue. Colostrum does indeed interfere with that process, however, in the end the chemo will win, it just might take longer.

Colostrum is also an immune system modulator. If you suffer from a hyper immune system colostrum can help as it lowers an over active immune system. Like Garlic raises low blood pressure and lowers high blood pressure making it a bloodpressure modulator, so colostrum raises or lowers immune function depending on the state of your body.

Other than that, it does not intefere or negatively respond to pharmaceutical medications.

Q: Can you give this to children, or animals, or elderly people?

A: Yes to all the above. In fact we have a cat named Purrl who begs for it at night time. She licks the dry powder off a saucer and loves it.

We have man elderly people who would not be without their colostrums because it is such a profound anti-aging product.

And it is safe for children.

You can call this toll free number to talk to someone at and ask them regarding specific dosages of bulk colostrum for children. 1 877 827 5221.

When do I take it?

A: The first best time to take it is on an empty stomach at bedtime. This is when the body releases its own highest levels of growth factors for the purpose of body repairs while you sleep, so this mimics the body's own patterns.

The next highest release is upon awaking, so this is the second best time to take it. Many people take it twice a day, am and pm.

Body builders take it on an empty stomach one half hour before a work out and find it increases the benefits they receive from their work out.

Beyond this, a person can take it any time they want on an empty stomach. If you feel a cold or flu coming on, by all means consider taking it every half hour to hour to reduce or eliminate the symptoms.

Q: What should I notice from it?

A: If you take it at bedtime you might notice deeper more satisfying sleep. You might also notice you dream more, or your dreams are more vivid. This is a sign that you are absorbing and using the growth factors.

If you have food allergies, you might notice that within days you can eat foods you could not eat before. This was my experience and that of many customers.

Colostrum contains Epithelial Growth Factor, which means it stimulates the growth of epithelial cells. Epithelial cells are what your skin is made of and that is why taking colostrums so improves the quality of your skin. These cells also line your intestines (and every organ in your body). If you have leaky gut syndrome, it means the lining of your intestines, which is made up of epithelia cells, has been breached. Colostrum helps repair this quicker than anything I have ever heard of. As a result people are not leaking food particles into their blood stream undigested and the "allergic" response stops.

If you have hip and joint issues you might notice pain relief. I had one client recently write me and tell me he had a really painful hip episode while on vacation. He had some colostrum with him and had been taking it in small doses. He decided to take four heaping spoonfuls and within a short time his hip pain was gone. Notice he had not gotten this same result on low dose.

Over time you might also notice muscle mass increase. When I first started taking colostrum I had quite a bit of muscle atrophy due to long term illness that had prevented me from exercising normally. Colostrum restored my muscles without exercise.

You might also notice you look younger. Colostrum restores skin and muscles and this can lead to a more youthful appearance. I have had customers tell me that after a few months on this product that people began to ask them if they had had a face lift.

You might notice hair growth on head or body. I have had clients, both male and female who said the hair on their head grew back. One man's barber decided to start selling this stuff when he came in with ¼ inch of hair on his formerly bald head. I have female customers also, who say the only way they can keep their hair from getting to thin is to take colostrum.

You should notice far fewer colds or episodes of flu or sinus infection.

Here is the deal. Colostrum is an overall body renewer. It literally improves the health of every single cell in your body from immune cells to skin cells and everything in between. If you take it and notice that your skin looks better you can be happy that the organs inside your body that you cannot see are also becoming more youthful.

I also have school teachers who say they don't get sick from the kids they teach as long as they take colostrum.

The benefits are literally too vast and varied to mention here.
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