Immune Tree Colostrum is one of the most important natural anti-aging and body-building aids
available today. A rich, all-natural source of all-important
growth factors, Immune Tree Colostrum offers incredible benefits for persons of all ages who wish to increase their lean muscle mass, improve their muscle tone, and as a means of promoting super physical vitality. It is especially important for maximizing the benefits of resistance weight training.

“As the Baby-Boomers age, the world becomes more and more obsessed with staying young,” notes Lance S. Wright, M.D., cofounder of the American Holistic Medical Association, member of the faculty of the University of Pennsylvania, and author of Colostrum: Mother Nature’s Health Alternative
for Every Generation (Katchell Publishing 1998).

“Anti-aging products are out en masse and are being purchased at an amazing rate. People will spend thousands of dollars on almost any surgery, cream, procedure or potion that promises to make them feel and look 20 years old again. We know that almost all of these attempts at bottling youth and happiness, and selling it in a 30-second commercial won’t bring the results we really want, and yet we continue to plop down our money in hopes that the next bottle just might work. Before you spend another cent, take a look at what colostrum can do to help turn back the hands of time.”

Dr. Wright is on target. The regenerative effects of colostrum extend to nearly all of the body’s structural cells. In fact, the same growth factors that improve lean muscle mass also improve
immune function, fight against disease processes, and aid the body in recovery from disease. This makes colostrum invaluable in the quest to prevent premature aging.

Growth Factors Background
Think of Immune Tree Colostrum as if it were a multiple vitamin and mineral formula. But instead of replenishing your body’s stores of vitamins and minerals, this daily supplement replenishes the body’s supply of a set of another unique substances known as growth factors. Such growth factors found in epithelial growth factor (EgF); insulin-like growth factor-I and II (IGF-I and IGF-II); transforming growth factors Aand B; and growth
hormone (GH).

When ingested orally, it is now known that growth factors in bovine colostrum not only protect the body
against disease; they stimulate cellular and tissue growth and repair and help to reverse the damage done by disease and the natural aging process.
“In fact, we now know the growth factors in bovine colostrum stimulate the formation of DNA, essential to the survival of every cell in the body,” adds Dr. Wright. What’s more, bovine colostrum contains seven different nucleosides that are key to aiding the body’s growth and repair of body.

Rich Source of Growth Hormone

One key benefit of using colostrum is that it is a rich source of growth hormone, one of the master growth factors that helps the body to efficiently burn fat, according to research from the Medical Endocrinological Department of the University Clinic of Internal Medicine, Aahus Dommunehospital,
Denmark. There, researchers found that when subjects received growth hormone, fat oxidation (i.e.,
the burning of fat for energy) contributed 71.7 percent of the body’s energy expenditure, compared to
only 48 percent without administration of growth hormone. This shows us that cutting down your intake of sugar and adding Immune Tree colostrum to your daily supplement program will dramatically enhance your body’s ability to trim excess fat.

Meanwhile, colostrum’s IGF-1 inhibits catabolism (the burning of body proteins for energy), note
researchers from the Department of Pediatrics, University of Auckland, New Zealand. In 1983, it was reported that protein degradation was inhibited specifically by bovine colostrum. As such, Immune Tree Colostrum may be even better than the use of anabolic and potentially dangerous agents such as trenbolone, diethylstilbestrol and testosterone—which do not alter rates of intercellular protein breakdown.

How about flaccid muscles that seem to come along with advanced age? No one likes looking flabby, but such signs of aging, including muscle deterioration, are associated with reduced levels of growth hormone and IGF-I, say researchers from the Department of Pathology and Pharmacology, University of Gothenburg, Sahlgren Hospital & Habi- Vitrum AB, Stockholm, Sweden. But when the level of both growth factors is increased in the body, we can experience renewed muscle growth, they add.

The benefits of growth hormone and IGF-I were shown in a 1990 experimental study. Advanced age is associated with reduced levels of both growth hormone and IGF-I. But the administration of growth hormone raises levels of IGF-I to that of young rats. With increased IGF-I, the reduced protein ynthesis of old rats is restored, causing increased muscle tissue in normal animals and also regenerating muscle tissue, these researchers found.

“One explanation for the increase in muscle and decrease in fat is growth hormone’s control over the body’s metabolism,” notes Dr. Wright. “Because of this control, GH, by stimulating the production of IGF-I, is able to tell the body to burn fat for fuel. Indeed, that Immune Tree colostrum contains both growth hormone and IGF-I is important. Scientists now know that muscle cells contain receptors for IGF-I—and that it is actually IGF-I, growth hormone’s messenger, that stimulates muscle growth and repair."

Immune Tree Colostrum is a vital supplement--especially for persons who want to look their best. We carry and recommend Immune Tree Colostrum due to its high level of growth factors and complete absence of detectable contaminants (e.g., pesticides, heavy metals, bacterial pathogens).

Our review of recent scientific findings indicates that two factors are important to producing colostrum with a high growth factor content: time taken after birth and completeness of the product.

"Scientific studies on whole colostrum show that some of the bio-active components necessary to provide the health benefits of a true colostrum are fat soluble and found in high concentrations only up to 6-8 hours after birth and removal of the fat would result in the removal of important bio-active components," notes Dr. Donald H. Lein, chairman of Population Genetics and Diagnostic Sciences at the College of Veterinary Medicine. Cornell University.

Immune Tree Colostrum, which is never defatted, has a fat content of about 21.7 percent. Research shows that the fat "holds" approximately 30 percent of the IGF-1. In a controlled laboratory study at Minnesota Valley Testing Laboratories, New Ulm, however, it was found that some popular imported brands of colostrum have an extremely low fat content of less than 5 percent.

Many widely marketed brands of colostrum have immunoglobulin counts ranging from 25-40 percent. These products are ususally filtered or standardized, but the Immune Tree philosophy is to produce a product that is 100 percent first milking and complete. Some products touting high immunoglobulin levels contain 30 percent or more. Immune Tree colostrum has not been filtered, standardized or minipulated in any way. Its Immunoglobulin content is 22.11 percent, which indicates a high level of growth factors--AND reflects the fact that the product is not defatted and represents a complete colostrum powder. In fact, in a controlled study at a government-certified, independent laboratory, it was shown that Immune Tree Colostrum contains higher levels of Igf-1 than some imported brands.


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