Only Immune Tree Colostrum is Colostrum rich bovine first milk.
Cornel Professor Emeritus, Dr. Donald H. Lein
Diarrhea alleviated by Colostrum
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Colostrum is extremely beneficial for diabetes
Colostrum is a powerful gastrointestinal healer
Colostrum is a powerful ally when fighting Crohn's
Congestive Heart Failure reversed with Colostrum
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Below is a colostrum comparison that I found on I loved it because this was my exact experience when comparing the two. You will enjoy this.

However, the real test is to contact the colostrum manufacturer you desire to purchase from and ask for certification that their colostrum is true first milking colostrum. You will find that Immune Tree Inc. is ready and willing to provide that certification whereas others often are not.
Dr. Kleinsmith started Immune Tree and ran it successfully and honestly for many years. A few years ago, he hooked up with the people at TBR. After a short time he realized it was not a good connection and chose to sever all ties. Immune Tree and TBR ended up in court and the court found in favor of Dr. Kleinsmith and Immune Tree has returned to Dr. Kleinsmith. You can now be sure that the product you are receiving is truly pure colostrum.
Dr. Kleinsmith Explains
If you want more details on this business war you can listen to the below info. My personal experience is that I have worked with Dr. K for years with no issues at all, until TBR entered the scene.

I choose to continue to work with Immune Tree rather than TBR becausse I want pure, undiluted, 6 hr colostrum.
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